A Guide to June 2021 Ham Radio Contests and Events

More pleasant weather can only mean one thing for hams in June: Field Day (June 26-27)! Let’s hope Mother Nature is in a generous mood as we set up our temporary stations. June is also your chance to put thumbtacks in some new maidenhead squares, explore unconventional digital modes, have some fun on 6 meters and the topband, and maybe get a young person hooked on the magic of amateur radio.

DigiFest (June 5-6) June 5, 0400Z to 1200Z, June 5 2000Z to June 6 0400Z. For the 12th straight year, DigiFest will take place the first weekend in June. For those who enjoy lesser-operated digital modes, this is the contest for you. Allowable modes on 80/40/20/15/10 meters include RTTY75 (75 bauds), BPSK 63, MFSK 16, Hellschreiber, and Olivia (250 Hz, four tones). The annual event is sponsored by the Kyiv DX and Contest Club with support of MixW Team and RigExpert Ukraine. DX Engineering is proud to carry RigExpert’s exceptional lineup of antenna analyzers, digital mode and radio control interfaces, project boards, and more.

PVRC Reunion (June 5-6) June 5, 0000Z to 0200Z, June 6, 0000Z to 0200Z. This annual event hosted by the Potomac Valley Radio Club welcomes both PVRC members and non-members to participate in two, two-hour SSB/CW sessions centered on the “47s” to celebrate the founding of PVRC in 1947. Read more about the Potomac Valley Radio Club here.

ARRL June VHF Contest (June 12-14) 1800Z to 0259Z. For amateurs in the U.S. and Canada to work as many amateur stations in as many different 2 degree x 1 degree Maidenhead grid squares as possible using authorized frequencies above 50 MHz. All legal modes are permitted.

SMIRK Contest (June 12-13) 000Z to 2359Z. Hams from around the world will be gathering on the air for SMIRK’s (Six Meter International Radio Klub) annual tribute to the “Magic Band.” From the group’s website: “It’s loads of fun. You can meet SMIRK members or become a SMIRK member during this contest. Just call ‘CQ SMIRK’ and you are sure to get some answers.” Need to prepare? Read this OnAllBands blog post, “The Hows and Whys of Operating on Two Meters or Six During the Summer Months” by Sean Kutzko, KX9X.

ARRL Kids Day (June 19) 1800Z to 2359Z. Here’s a great chance to introduce a son, daughter, or grandchild to the adventure of ham radio. Why not let the young people in your life experience the same thrill you felt when making your first QSOs? ARRL Kids Day is also an important time to remind ourselves that the future of ham radio rests in getting youth pumped up about the fun and practical aspects of this great hobby.

Check out these posts from OnAllBands blogger and IARU Region 2 Youth Liaison Sterling Mann, N0SSC:

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All Asian DX Contest, CW (June 19-20) 0000Z to 2400Z. Sponsored by the Japan Amateur Radio League, this annual event is for both Asian and non-Asian stations making CW QSOs on 160/80/40/20/15/10 meters. The All Asian DX, SSB contest will take place on September 4-5.

Stew Perry Topband Challenge (June 19-20) 1500Z to 1500Z. Hams can enter this annual 160 meter, CW-only contest as single operator or multi-operator; high, low or QRP power. High power is 1,500 watts output or whatever you can legally run in your country, whichever is less. Low power is 100 watts or less output. QRP is 5 watts or less, per the Stew Perry website. The challenge uniquely awards QSO point values based on distance between stations. Click here for complete rules.

Also check out these state QSO parties:

Kentucky: June 5-6 (1400Z to 0200Z)

West Virginia: June 19-20 (1600Z to 0400Z)

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