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New Product Showcase: Low Band Systems HF Multiplexers and HF Transmit Band Pass Filters

If you’ve leafed through the DX Engineering catalog, you’ve likely noticed that an entire page is devoted to Low Band Systems (LBS) HF Transmit Band Pass Filters and HF Multiplexers. There are more than a few good reasons for that. LBS filters and multiplexers deliver as advertised. They’re solidly built units that work in tandem to consistently eliminate RF interference issues. Thanks to the use of the multiplexer, Hams can save money by allowing multiple radios to be connected to a single multi-band antenna. This allows each radio to operate a different band simultaneously without the need to purchase extra antennas and coax.

New Multiplexers

LBS offers diplexers, duplexers, triplexers, quadplexers, and pentaplexers in a variety of band coverages and power handling ratings, from 200W ICAS to 2,000W ICAS. These multiplexers feature an insertion loss of typically less than 0.2 dB, 35 dB of rejection for each radio from off-band signals, and VSWR of less than 1.2:1. DX Engineering is pleased to carry these four new units:

  • Diplexer, 10/6M, 1500W (PB-DP1500-28/50)
  • Triplexer, 30/18/12M, 1500W (PB-TP1500301812)
  • Triplexer, 80/40/20M, 1500W (PB-TP1500804020)
  • Triplexer, 160/80/40M, 1500M (PB-TP15001608040)

New Band Pass Filters

LBS produces band pass filters covering 160 through 6M with power ratings from 200W to 2,000W. Models with 1,500W and 2,000W power ratings are available with or without fan cooling. LBS filters are also compatible with other manufacturer’s multiplexers. Installed in optimal conditions, operators can experience up to 80 dB of isolation between all connected transceivers, regardless of band. These two new units are now available from DX Engineering:

  • Band Pass Filter, 60M, 200W (PB-F200-5MHZ)
  • Band Pass Filter, 60M, 1500W, Fan Cooled (PB-F1500DX-5MHZ)

For September, our Word of the Day column will be focusing on new products that have become available since the 2020 DX Engineering catalog came out.

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