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Ham Products for Effective Grounding and Lightning Protection: DX Engineering Exhaust Grounding Kits

It’s no secret that many Ham radio operators also share a love of working on cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, hot rods, rat rods, and just about anything with two, three, four or more wheels. This strong relationship between gearheads and Hams makes sense. Anyone who enjoys busting a knuckle working on a small block Chevy engine can appreciate the challenges of designing and erecting a custom Yagi or putting the pieces together to build the perfect amateur radio station.

Both hobbies are fueled by the joy of getting things just right, whether that means emerging triumphant from a pileup on the air or fighting through traffic on the dirt track. Let’s call these folks gearhams, or hamgears, if you prefer.

If you’ve ever visited the DX Engineering Retail Showroom in Tallmadge, Ohio, near Akron, you know it’s housed within Summit Racing Equipment’s showroom and headquarters (the huge red and blue “Summit Racing” sign in front is a dead give-way). The two businesses have been under the same ownership for two decades, providing the same commitment to offering a huge inventory of gear, top-level technical support, and fast shipping.

DX Engineering Exhaust Grounding Kits

Here’s a product from DX Engineering that will satisfy your itch to slide under your rig (vehicle) while solving an annoying problem affecting your other rig (mobile transceiver).

DX Engineering Exhaust Grounding Kits eliminate stubborn noise affecting your mobile radio generated by individual injectors and spark plug coils installed for each cylinder. These units can create substantial pulses on the vehicle wiring against the ground system. Engine blocks often have a poor ground, so anything attached to them can become a radiator. The exhaust pipe is directly bolted to the engine and can be excited just like an antenna, radiating the pulsing noise. Choose from kits that fit 2, 2.25, 2.5, or 3 inch exhaust pipes. All hardware in the kit is stainless steel. You receive:

  • Exhaust saddle clamp
  • 14 inch L x 0.75 inch W x 0.125 inch thick tinned copper braid
  • 3/8 x 1 inch bolt
  • 3/8 nut
  • Three 3/8 external tooth washers
  • 3/8 flat washer
  • 3/8 split washer

In addition to offering mobile transceivers, mobile antennas, and mobile antenna mounts for your vehicles, DX Engineering offers many tools and accessories that work equally well in the shack and the garage, including Summit Racing Laser-Etched Socket Sets, Stainless Steel Digital Calipers, Spring-Loaded Wire Stripping Tool, Long Reach Pliers, Braided Wire Straps, Solderless Nylon Terminal Kit, and more.

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