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Coaxial Cable Connectors and Accessories (Part 1): Getting Started

Over the past few months, OnAllBands has devoted considerable space to the coaxial cables so vital to operating an effective ham radio station. Just search on “Coaxial” and you can read the entire series. We hope it encourages you to take a close look at your current coax situation and assess how a reasonable investment in the correct upgraded cable—best suited for your setup and operating goals—can make a major difference.

But as any experienced ham knows, choosing the right coaxial cable is only part of the equation. Without quality, properly installed connectors, you’ll be missing out on the improved performance you hoped to achieve with your coax purchase.

We Feel Your Pain

If you’ve spent a good amount of your ham radio career as a do-it-yourselfer, you’ve likely damaged a few connectors or ruined some good stretches of cable when putting an assembly together. Even more painful than jettisoning once-good equipment into a trash bin, you’ve probably got nicked once or twice with the business end of a blade in the process. And if you’ve had a connection fail at the most importune moment (like when in hot pursuit of a rare DXCC entity), you certainly wouldn’t be alone.

The active hams at DX Engineering have all been there, so when you call or email for assistance with your connector questions, you’ll be talking with an operator who’s done time in the trenches with a loaded soldering gun and can offer solid advice on what you need to avoid further miscues.

In this follow-up to our series on coaxial cable options, we’ll be exploring the DX Engineering coax connectors, adapters, and installation tools that have made life a whole lot easier for hams everywhere.

To get you started, check out these OnAllBands articles:

For the many hams who prefer to have their coax cables pre-installed with connectors, or who can no longer physically perform the detailed work, DX Engineering offers these two worry-free options:

  • Premade cable assemblies in a variety of types and lengths (3 feet to 200 feet), with DX Engineering’s patented Next Generation Crimp/Solder 8U or 8X PL-259 connectors installed on both ends or BNC male ends in some cases.
  • Made to spec (type of cable, connectors on both ends, length) using the online DX Engineering Custom Cable Builder at Choose from Next Generation PL-259 Crimp/Solder, N Male, N Female, SO-239 (UHF Female), and PL-259 Amphenol 83-1SP connectors.

Stay tuned for our next post on the DX Engineering Next Generation Crimp/Solder PL-259 connector. In the meantime, visit for every possible coax and connector need for your station.

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