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Looking Ahead: Time to Start Planning for Hamvention 2023!

While we’re just now getting winter coats out of storage and bringing home bags of rock salt from the hardware store, here’s a thought sure to melt your ham radio […]

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Ham Radio Amplifier Buyer’s Guide 2022 (Part 3)

To go barefoot or not to go barefoot? That is the question. But if you intend to avoid suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune by NOT breaking through […]

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Ham Radio Amplifier Buyer’s Guide 2022 (Part 2)

Amplifiers are hot! We don’t mean literally hot—these devices come with components that nicely monitor and mitigate that issue. We mean hot items that hams are seeking to add to […]

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New Products Spotlight: Comet CAT-300 Antenna Tuner, 2023 Ham Radio Calendars, and ARRL Handbook

For today’s post, we offer a potpourri of new products for hams: a base station manual tuner, fresh amateur radio calendars, and the latest edition of the ARRL Handbook. Comet […]

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DX Engineering Ham Radio Holiday Gift Guide (Part 5): Why not Give Your Favorite Ham the World?

Geochron’s Digital Atlas 2 4K One of the truly fun aspects of ham radio is customizing your shack. Will you fill it with shelves of vintage gear juxtaposed against the […]

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View from the Customer: What do hams say about the Butternut HF9V 9-Band Antenna?

Most people will recognize the word “butternut” as a popular albeit oddly proportioned squash, but to hams who know, the word conjures images of squashing operating challenges in pursuit of […]

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It’s All in the Cards! QSL Cards from Cape Verde

Editor’s Note: Every month, DX Engineering features QSL cards from our team members’ personal collections. To highlight upcoming DXpeditions, we’ll be displaying a few of our favorite cards along with details […]


Guide to December 2022 Ham Radio Contests

Yes, it’s a cliché to say, “Wow, that year really flew by,” but it does seem like it was only yesterday we were hanging up our unmarked ham radio calendars […]

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DX Engineering Holiday Gift Guide (Part 4): HTs for Everyone and Presents for Portable Ops!

Do you know a fledgling ham who has been struggling with a low-end handheld transceiver and has yet to realize the pleasure of working with a high-performance model? Are there […]

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Product Spotlight: Ham Radio Apparel for All Ages, from Cradle to the Shack

Here’s proof that it’s never too early to get someone into amateur radio—literally. You can introduce the very youngest in your clan to your favorite ham radio provider by purchasing […]