EMCOMM: What is AUXCOMM and Why is it Important?

The Department of Homeland Security National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant program adopted AUXCOMM for all auxiliary emergency/public service communications within most states. AUXCOMM encompasses amateur radio, RACES, CERT Team […]


EMCOMM: What is a Mobile Command Center?

EMCOMM often relies on portability. It is a huge factor for deployment in an emergency or disaster. So it would stand to reason that the next phase in portability and […]


EMCOMM: What is MARS and How Can You Get Involved?

The Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) started in November 1925 as the Army Amateur Radio System (AARS) to provide a pool of trained radio operators to augment the Signal Corps […]

ARES Training Plan Book

EMCOMM: What is the ARES Task Book?

According to the ARRL… The Task Book is a working document that enables those ARES® communicators electing to participate in the ARRL training plan to track and document their training […]

EMCOMM / Technical Articles

EMCOMM: Ham Radio Digital Modes for Use During Emergencies

Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) supports and encourages the use of all communications modes to relay messages. This article aims to highlight a few digital modes. They are very accurate […]